InView is our private-cloud storage solution for critical Energy industry data. Our InView storage environment provides data protection and security – while simultaneously simplifying data management and giving you the power to access your data with the click of a button.

Whether you need to store your seismic library, geological records, or corporate records, our secure online data centre provides the security, convenience, and long-term preservation you require in order to keep your business productive.

Instant Access

With InView, your data is truly online – 24-hours a day, every day of the year. Our InView Desktop Software provides instant downloading capabilities with built-in PDF and SEG Y viewing. InView Desktop Software also has advanced search, ordering, and FTP tools.

Disaster Recovery & Back-up

InView harnesses the power of industry-leading technology to provide a secure, high-reliability storage environment for your data. Our servers are equipped with self-diagnostic monitoring technology that detect hardware failures before they happen. We use real-time replication to allow for immediate failover to a fully independent parallel storage array in the event of a service interruption. InView also utilizes RAID, disk-to-disk back-up, and LTO6 back-up for enhanced protection and disaster recovery.

Even in optimal storage conditions, original data that resides on tapes, external hard drives, CDs, or DVDs is prone to degradation and eventual loss. InView provides the most reliable data protection solution available and protects your data from the risk associated with physical data storage.

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