Your Digital Storage Partner

Copyseis’ Digital Storage solution is designed for the long-term archival of large sets of seismic data. This solution balances the critical needs of reliability and security with a low price point.

Cost Effective Storage, From a Trusted Seismic Specialist


Primary Live Copy

Reliable storage on-premises at the Copyseis Data Centre with cost-effective server-attached-storage (SAS) arrays.

Redundant Copy

A redundant copy of your data on an independent SAS array protects against unexpected hardware failure. Our entire data centre includes redundant systems to ensure seamless maintenance and failover.

Peace of Mind


Copyseis ensures your data is protected from unwanted disclosure with our included firewalls, network security, application level security, user account control, and physical building security.

Offline Tape Back-up

Copyseis creates a minimum of 3 back-up copies of your data to LTO tapes that are ejected and stored at the Copyseis Records Centre. Your data will never be held hostage by ransomware because offline tape back-ups are always protected from infection.

Easy Access to Your Data

Self-Serve Downloading

You can instantly self-serve download your data anytime, 24/7/365 without submitting a “request” or waiting for the data to queue. Self-serve downloading is included free in all plans. For large-volume requests, you can ask Copyseis to put together a package of data for delivery to a third party via FTP or external USB.

Indexing & Management

Copyseis has specialized in seismic data handling for over 30 years. You can rest assured that data will be correctly indexed and Copyseis will always be on hand to assist with managing your seismic data library.

Software Included

There are no extra fees to browse and access your database using our proprietary InView software.